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Here’s Proof That Scaredy Dogs Are Funnier Than Scaredy-Cats

Let me just say something.

I’m not sure why we gave the “scaredy” label to cats.

Sure, cats get spooked pretty easily.

But dogs get scared plenty too.

And trust me, it’s hilarious.

But if you don’t trust me, (which, by the way, totally hurts my feelings after all we’ve been through together) all the proof you need is in this collection of photos.

Here are some of the funniest photos on the Internet of dogs getting scared by the funniest things.

funny photo of dog scared of its own farts

funny picture of corgi scared of stuffed animal

funny pic of pug scared of pug mask

funny picture of dog hugging owner at vet

funny picture of mouse making dog jump

funny picture of dog afraid of its own birthday

funny picture of dog scared of duck

funny pic of dog hiding from vacuum on owner's back

funny pic of carrying dog across a bridge

funny pic of ferret scaring dogs

funny pic of dog scared of kittens

funny photo of dog afarid of roomba

funny photo of dog scared of vacuum

funny photo of corgis scared of zucchini

funny photo of pug scared of rubber giraffe

(via Bored Panda, h/t Pleated Jeans)

And let us not forget this dog that’s afraid of a picture of Julia Roberts.