So It’s Probably Not The Best Idea To Taunt A Bird Protecting Its Nest

If you’ve ever accidentally walked near a bird protecting its nest, you pretty much know never to walk near a bird protecting its nest.

However, it’s definitely fun to watch other people walk by a bird that happens to be protecting its nest.

The lad in the video below happened to know of a location where a couple of birds nest and was hoping to capture some people doing exactly that for all of us to laugh at for eternity on the Internet.

Unfortunately, no one was walking by, so this guy had did what any of us would do.

No, that’s a lie. Any of us would give up and call it a day.

But this guy, well…you’ll see.

At least we still got to laugh at someone being attacked by a bird protecting its nest.

(via Trader Steve)

Now, can someone please give this thieving seagull its own ‘Oceans Eleven’ movie?