Neighbors Called A Woman’s Christmas Dragon Decorations ‘Demonic’, So She ‘Fixed’ It

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only a week away, but we couldn’t be more excited. One of the most enjoyable parts about the holiday season—aside from the gifts and eggnog—is the decorations.

Author Diana Rowland is no stranger to this and loves to cover her own lawn in Christmas decor. This year, she decided to take a fun but less traditional route with her decorations and one of her neighbors wasn’t too thrilled.

In anticipation of the holidays, author Diana Rowland decked out her lawn with three playful Christmas dragons.


Unfortunately, not all of her neighbors were on board with the display.

One rather uptight Grinch left an anonymous letter on the Rowlands’ door expressing their distaste.

Fortunately, Rowland has a great sense of humor and kindly agreed to “fix” the dragons by adding halos.

She also added two more friendly dragons to the display.


Needless to say, commenters loved the entire exchange.   

Rowland was more than grateful for the support and used her newfound virality to inspire followers to help support an important cause.


Moral of the story, never mess with the Mother of Dragons.