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30 Dumbest Things That Actually Happened In 2018

Look, not everyone is great at spelling. It’s not something we’re born knowing, we have to learn it. That’s the whole point of English class. You might never find yourself in a situation where you need to know the difference between imply and infer to make it through your life, but you will need to know how to spell.

That’s rough for people who are really lost in the weeds when it comes to spelling. These days, especially, because everyone is always texting and emailing, so it’s crucial to have a good idea of how to spell. Sometimes, not even autocorrect can help you.

Many times it’s not even the spelling, exactly, that’s the problem—it’s that people mishear words or morph them into other words. I had a roommate once who thought that idolizing someone was putting them on a “pedestool.” The correct word is, of course, pedestal, like the thing that statues are placed on for display in museums. But to my roommate, pedestool made sense because a stool is a thing people stand on.

What I’m saying is, we’re not here to judge or shame people who can’t spell. We’re just here to laugh at them.