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Seeing Someone Roasted On Facebook Is So Satisfying (20 Pics)

I’m gonna be real with you: I live in gentle fear that I’ll say something absolutely false, wrong, or otherwise mortifying on social media. It’s not all-encompassing or anything, but I definitely fact-check myself quite a bit before I post things. Or, IDK, I just decide not to post at all?

But this list of folks do not have that critical thinking cap firmly on their heads. Instead, they posted their nonsense and got wildly called out on it. Get ready to laugh.

1. Scrabble?


2. Gas stations are drive through, bud


3. I cannot


4. Try a book

5. Wait until the past

6. You’re*


7. It’s black

8. A library?

9. Nice try, Rob

10. Liar!

11. 0 mph


12. Just don’t lie?

13. Oh no

14. Good lord, chill

15. Liberia /= America

16. “Bones”

17. Take 2!

18. Girl, I getcha

19. What an asshole

20. Antivaxxers