21 Pictures We’ll Only Let You See If You Promise Not To Scream And Throw Your Phone At The Wall

If you think you’ve seen stupid before, brace yourselves.

And try to take deep breaths as you read these.


1. This woman, who doesn’t realize a Swiss army knife’s full potential.

2. This woman, who at least took some lovely pics.

3. This person who forgot about a whole damn country.

4. This guy’s rock-solid logic.

5. This anti-vaxxer, who doesn’t get how medicine works.

6. This angry traveler yelling at someone in their own country.

7. This animal lover.

8. This guy, who seems to have issues tech support can’t fix.

9. This unfortunate Onion victim.

10. This person, who’s obviously a cartographer.

11. This lovebird.

12. This person, who doesn’t know how palindromes work.

13. This driver, who’s out there on the road somewhere.

14. Whichever intern made this mistake.

15. This guy, who should talk to the person who forgot about Spain.