Funny, And Maybe A Little Too Honest Amazon Reviews (45 Pics)

It is my firm belief that anyone who leaves a review of anything online is at least a little crazy.

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I kinda get it with honest Amazon reviews. You can only get ripped off so many times before you go into the review section and rant.

These funny people decided to at least bring some flavor into their reviews. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; if you’re going to put something out on the internet at least make it entertaining.

1. “For Her”


2. Life of the party.


3. I can tell.


4. The best insect trap.


5. VR Goggles


6. It is wood?


7. That new calculator smell.


8. Existential tape.


9. Whole lotta lube.


10. It’s a trap.


11. Cursed turtle.


12. Out there Donald Ducking it.


13. Didn’t hear a thing.


14. Ninja Alpaca


15. Aw crickets!


16. Suspiciously specific.

17. Durability.

18. Scissors…?

19. Revenge is a dish best served heavy.

20. Good on tacos.

21. Organic Jesus

22. RIP Geese

23. Why I live alone.

24. Time waits for no man.

25. Poot-away.

26. Invisibility cloak.

27. No regrets?

28. Get lost, Chapman.

29. Spoonish spoons.

30. Lawnmower go wharbwharb.

31. Wholesome af.

32. Crushing the bucket game.

33. Not a documentary.

34. Every day. No skipsies.

35. Roomba Bob gets fired.

36. Bernard, you minx.

37. Turbo butt.

38. The cat might give it a taste.

39. I have two eyes.

40. The weighted blanket that broke the relationship’s back.

41. Dang you, Michael Jackson.

42. Falling short.

43. Nice wait what?

44. Victory is sweet.

45. Didn’t have a ball.