22 Hilarious Times Coworkers Actually Made Work Tolerable

12. This IT Worker Gone On Vacation

Our IT guy went on vacation and left us this note… from funny

13. This Guy Whose Coworker Told Him His Tire Was Slashed

Ran to my car because my coworker said some slashed my tires…. from funny

14. This Historical Marker

Historic Marker at my office from funny

15. This Office Who Never Got Around To Taking The Tree Out Of The Box

No one at work has taken responsibility for decorating the Christmas tree, for the last week it has been propped up in its box waiting. Today, I stepped up to the plate. from funny

16. This Office’s Evacuation Plan

In case of fire, my coworkers and I are fucked. from funny

17. This Year’s Cubicle Decoration Contest

My Mom’s office had a decorating contest for their cubicles. My mom is on the left, but I think her neighbor deserved the win from funny

18. This Employee Who Just Got His Citizenship

One of my coworkers is getting his citizenship today, so we left him a surprise for when he gets back. from funny

19. This Guy Feeling The Struggle Of Working With A Lot Of Women And Their Lunch Bags

What it’s like working with all women and their lunch purses.. from funny

20. This Helpful Graph

I burnt myself at work, so I decided to make an informative graph. from funny

21. This Fun Way To Pass The Time

Conference call bingo, anyone? from funny

22. This Employee Who Finally Put Up Pictures Of Her Children

Today is my coworker’s last day. She told me I could have her family pictures. from funny

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