27 People Who Roasted Themselves, So You Really Can’t Feel Bad Laughing

Self-deprecating humor is supposedly good for you. It makes you self-aware, it puts others at ease. Too much, however, is bad and can make you hate yourself. Luckily, we’re not here today to make fun of ourselves. We’re here to laugh at other people making fun of themselves. If laughter is the best medicine, I hope some of these people laughed at themselves. I’m here laughing at them and becoming healthier by the minute. I hope it’s not at their expense.

When it comes to looks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you hate yourself, it doesn’t matter how many haircuts you get. You’re still going to look in the mirror and see something scary. Hopefully, it doesn’t stop you from living your best life. Judging by these funny people, being self-aware doesn’t necessarily mean you feel bad. Maybe these people are just more honest.

Here are the funniest moments when people roasted themselves online:

1. Hot or not?

2. Dang, bro. I hope you feel better soon.

3. Stop scowling!

4. This guy thought his kids got him a “Harley” gnome because he likes motorcycles, then he realized it was because it looks like him.


5. Treat your body like a temple that no one wants to enter.

6. If you need more than a few dozen takes, it’s you.

7. This guy got his student ID and realized he might be the Zodiac Killer.


8. A meme for all ages.

9. Better voice than a face, I guess.

10. Even in this person’s fantasies, some ideas are too unbelievable.

11. They’re the same picture.

12. At least you’re aware?

13. I feel seen.

14. Send no more nudes.

15. At least you know your place.