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Always Remember To Proofread Emails To Professors (22 Pics)

Email makes sending messages to people a whole lot easier, but this means things can go wrong very, very quickly. Who hasn’t while in a rush accidentally emailed the wrong person the right thing, or the right thing to the wrong person? 

The stakes are a bit higher, though, when that person happens to be a professor who you’ll have to face multiple times a week.

1. This professor who couldn’t be bothered. 

@kade_walker / Twitter

2. This professor who has no time for BS.

3. This student who accidentally hit send too early.

4. This student who accidentally called her professor “daddy.”

@Alexis_Lee22 / Twitter

5. This professor who invited a truant student to “take the exam.”

@GHopp15 / Twitter

6. This student who forgot to rename his final paper.

Meganleeb / BuzzFeed

7. This professor who clearly has a sense of humor.

@emilyschoka / Twitter

8. This professor who accidentally ruined his student’s lives.

@liv_reed17 / Twitter

9. This professor who doesn’t know the power of the “K” response.

10. This professor who literally fired someone for missing class.