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16 Teachers Who Have Managed To Keep Their Sense Of Humor Intact

Remember scouring to see if you’d been assigned a total dud? I sure do! I can promise you that it’s incredibly important to have a good teacher; I see students every week who struggle not because they can’t understand the material, but because their teachers aren’t connecting with them.

So with that in mind, check out some of these hilarious teachers and cross your fingers that your kids (or future kids) get THESE chuckle-heads.

1. This hall pass


2. Will you?


3. Fencing sword


4. Brown E


6. Forensics indeed


7. A real clock

8. Mannequin head?

9. Mashup of Predators and Dora the Explorer

10. When it’s okay to interrupt

11. Dave.

12. Draw a duck

13. More-on

14. Math Countdown

15. Weekends and summers

16. Zoom nightmare