Let’s Give The Funny Moms Out There The Credit They Deserve

Moms are funny.

Wait…hear me out here.

Yes, I know they can be incredibly corny.

But that’s part of the fun.

In my opinion, the more eye roll-worthy a mom joke is, the better.

So I must warn you in advance that some of these funny things moms have done are pretty cheesy.

But trust me…

They are nowhere near as cringe worthy as dad jokes.

funny picture of text from mom asking not to text her

funny picture of note from mom that says sell yourself not like a prostitute

funny picture of text from mom that says she found a cool app

funny picture of cup with holes for drinking alcohol in college

funny photo of drunk mom aligning potatoes by size

funny picture of kids holding a sign that says if they get one million likes they get crap

funny photo of card from parents that says insert here that's what she said

funny picture of text from mom that says cat found codoms

funny image of mom stealing tricycle from kid

funny photo of text from mom making fun of I feel tire typo

funny image of snapchat from mom that says look at all the people who want to date you

funny photo of text from mom about an imaginary boyfriend

funny image of girl who was temporarily blind standing in a hole

funny image of spilled peas mom peed on the floor

funny image of mom doesn't understand how secret santa works

funny photo of text from mom saying loser

(h/t The Chive and Bored Panda)

Also, these mom tweets prove that raising kids is a hilarious experience.