Guy Compiles List Of Weird Stuff People Are Selling On Facebook During Lockdown (23 Posts)

How you choose to pass your time in quarantine says a lot about you. Maybe you’re volunteering to help bring groceries to the sick or elderly who can’t venture outside due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus/COVID-19. Maybe you’re learning a new language working on your core so that you’ll emerge from this strange period of social distancing as a fitter, smarter, more capable version of yourself. Or maybe you’re just looking around you at all the crazy sh*t everyone else is doing and cataloging it for your own twisted amusement.

That’s what one Imgur user did after noticing all the downright wacky stuff people are trying to sell on Facebook during the quarantine….things that range from inexplicable to more than a little creepy.

An Imgur user compiled a handy list* of all the unusual items cooped-up people are hawking and they’re equal parts head-scratching and hilarious.

(*We’ve added some others we found so that it’s not 100% creepy doll art.)











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