Woman Brightens The Timeline By Sharing Her Most Embarrassing Experience Ever

It’s a very difficult time in world history and almost every social media platform is flooded with bad news and then worse news. While it’s extremely important to take everything that’s happening seriously, there’s only so much the human brain can process in a day. We still need things to feel hopeful about, happy about, and distracted by. And we definitely need things to laugh about.

That is why writer Anbara Salam’s Twitter thread on her most embarrassing moment went so viral. For the time it takes to read it, you’ll forget to think about anything else.

Her story starts with going to a German spa with her boyfriend, a tiny towel, and no grasp of the language. While trying to find the sauna, she accidentally locks herself out on the fire escape—completely nude.

Salam is eventually rescued from living the rest of her life in an industrial basement with only a towel, but her rescuer has a strange idea about what is appropriate help. Instead of, say, bringing her a bigger towel in private, he instead walks her down the street to the front door of the spa again. One person takes pity and offers an inflatable lobster, but most seem absolutely oblivious to her distress. She even gets asked for I.D., which makes you wonder where they think she was keeping it:

An amazing tale! And this is a great lobster epilogue:

While everyone finds this story hysterical, the German people reading are getting the most out of it:

Salam appreciated the warm feedback on her post and encouraged people who liked it to share their own horror stories to pass the time.

Okay. Give us the dirt!

More funny tweets to distract you from our waking nightmare: