Pretty Sure This Dog Has Had Enough Of His Owner’s High-Pitched Voice

We all have that one family member we can’t stand.

Whether they’re in your immediate or extended family, you know who I’m talking about.

Go on…think about that person. Hear their voice over and over again in your head.

Do you want to flip out a bit?

Then you’ll understand how this little dog feels in all of the clips below.

With a voice like that, you can’t blame little Quincy for flipping out all the time, right?

Seriously tough, Quincy isn’t always like that. He and his owner have a lot of fun. You can check out more of the high jinks Quincy gets into over on his owner’s Vine.

(via Patrick Barnes)

You know, I think that dog and This Dog Who Hates Being Flipped Off would totally hit it off.