Here’s The Hilarious Pregnancy Photo Trend That’s Going To Be All Over Instagram

People love to take pictures during pregnancies because there’s just so much going on with a pregnant body and the wee bebé inside. Pregnancy photos are a lovely way to preserve the memory of the exciting time when the baby existed but wasn’t yet born.

They’re also a lovely way to get your friends to laugh so hard their drinks come out their noses. Everyone wants to see some kind of funny or silly photos, mainly because two partners standing together with both sets of hands touching a pregnant belly gets boring pretty quick.

Cute, but come on, people, you can do better!

Well, now there’s a new pregnancy photo trend that’s honestly hilarious, and we guarantee you that if you have any pregnant friends it will be all over your social media feeds in no time.

As you can see, it involves the couple hiding behind something, while only the pregnant belly and the father’s head show, creating a ridiculously funny illusion.

The hand touching the belly could be the pregnant person or their partner, it looks funny either way.

It’s initially unnerving, for sure!

How much better than the boring old “dad also has a big belly but not because he’s pregnant” pregnancy photos are these?

So you can take multiple pics like this throughout the pregnancy and it’s still funny each time.

Well, at least, I think it’s funny each time.


All right, pregnant people, hop to it. We’re counting on pregnancy humor from you, so you better get to posing.