20 Tweets From Hilarious Moms With Equally Hilarious Kids

Kids Say The Darndest Things may have returned to CBS last fall, but let’s be real: we get our parental snickers from Twitter now.

And man alive, these parents and their kids have some hysterical stories, one-liners, zingers, and revelations. So, sure, being a mom can be a tough gig… but at least they have these hilarious kids!

We’ve combed through the internet and found some of the best tweets from mothers recently — get ready to laugh. Let us know in the comments which ones you like best!

1. Food

Twitter: @LizerReal

2. Comedy is hard

Twitter: @cellapaz

3. Get this kid a dog.

Twitter: @GeeSweetYeeks

4. Practice

Twitter: @Wordesse

5. Right??

Twitter: @mommajessiec

6. Smart

Twitter: @SnarkyMommy78

7. Adds up

Twitter: @kidversations_


Twitter: @BunAndLeggings

9. What a lesson

Twitter: @LizerReal

10. Give her the money

Twitter: @theedouble_g

11. Fart

12. Decide

13. Fixed

14. Probably no

15. Askew

16. Horrifying

17. Itchy

18. Ouch

19. Don’t wonder too hard

20. Side eye Oreo