This Horse Has The Best Reaction To A Stuffed Toy Horse

We talk a lot about curiosity and cats, but not enough about curiosity and horses.

For example…

What would a curious horse do if it stumbled upon a much smaller horse standing in a statuesque manner in the middle of a field?

Okay, That example might be a bit specific, but luckily this video has the answer for that exact scenario.

What a coincidence!

So, let’s all sit back and have a look at what this horse does when it realizes this much tinier horse isn’t even actually a real horse…

I feel like if this horse had hands it would shake its fist and yell something like “You’ve fooled me this time, humans. But I’ll be ready next time!”

(via Jennifer Robinson, h/t Tastefully Offensive)

Next Up: I wish I loved anything as much as this horse loves Heavy Metal.