20 Pictures That Prove Voice-To-Text Is Out To Get Us


1. This woman, who almost gave her mom a panic attack.

2. This person, whose voice-to-text drastically changed the focus of the event.

3. This grandpa, who managed to succeed and is an adorable inspiration to all of us.

4. This person, who all of a sudden had a pressing emergency that voice-to-text was rude enough to record.

5. This person, who was talking to someone else, Siri.


7. This woman, who sounds like she had a real time of it.

8. This person, whose relationship could easily have been ruined, thanks so much voice-to-text.

9. This awesome mom/mum/hilarious potty mouth who is just keeping it real.

10. This person, whose voice-to-text had other ideas for the car.

11. This mom, who just invented her hot new catchphrase.

12. This driver, whose voice-to-text wants something entirely different.

13. This person, whose phone obviously has other stuff on its mind.

14. This Grandma whose voice-to-text at least censors itself.

15. This grandpa, whose phone has an interesting idea of a fun thing to do.

16. This person, whose Starbucks order we now know.

17. This honestly very cute attempt.

18. This person, who, to be fair, was using the wrong app.

19. This person, who came across as slightly violent.

20. And this dad, whose phone really changed the message into something scarring.


h/t: BuzzFeed