30+ Times Influencers And Celebs Got Called Out On Their Photoshop Fails

56. Skin? Never Heard Of It


57. Photoshop Cloud Associates


58. Oh no Lindsey, what are you doing.


Lindsey Lohan with a huge swing and miss, I mean not even close. That door frame looks like it’s melting. It looks like if you were looking into one of those mirrors at a funhouse or carnival, do they have those anymore?

59. Bey’s bendy wine glass by her knee.


Bey is back at it again, seemingly editing her pictures for virtually no reason! Ain’t nobody was looking at your knee, my girl! Maybe it’s a strange angle, but that wine glass looks strange to me.

60. Lady Gaga using the force to bend that mirror.


Gaga may be able to hide her poker face, but there is no hiding that horrible wavy mirror in the back of this picture that she decided to post.

Max Miller

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