20 Times Kids Outsmarted The Adults In Their Lives

It’s sometimes easy to overlook just how smart, creative, and witty children are these days. As adults, we assume we know better and we’re smarter but if you pay attention, you’ll realize how wrong you are.

In a recent Reddit thread, people are discussing the smart kids in the their lives.

These kids are regularly outsmarting parents by coming up with ways to bend the rules to their advantage. They’re outsmarting teachers to earn better grades. They’re even asking questions adults wouldn’t think to ask, like the 12-year-old who wondered whether her Locks of Love donation could incriminate her.

Here are 20 times kids showed up and showed out with their brilliance.

1. Look at the evil genius hand action!

2. That’s one way to take a stand.

3. Say “no” to animal abuse.

4. The sweetness…

5. Brilliant!

6. We don’t know either…

7. Definitely going places…

8. Photographic memory…

9. This is perfect!

10. Those darn antlers…

11. Here comes the virus warden.


12. Busted!


13. Valid question.


14. This tastes “unlucky to me.”


15. Everyone’s favorite industrialist.

16. Homie beat the system…

17. Respectfully!

18. Burn it to the ground.

19. Makes sense.

20. Worms.