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Landlord Leaves One Year’s Worth Of Insane Voicemails For Tenants

At just under eleven minutes, this video is a bit on the longer side. At least as far as Internet attention spans g–Hey, where are you going? Get back here. Anyway, I can promise you the full eleven minutes of this video are worth it. Really what it is is a collection of voicemails two roommates and their cat, Casper, received from their landlord over the course of a one year lease. How is that interesting you say, well the landlord is clearly a little *cuckoo noise** and each voicemail seems to be more *cuckoo noise* than the last. I’ll let you get to watching and being thankful she’s not your landlord, but here’s the video’s summary from one of the tenants himself:

“Ahhh, renting an apartment in New York City – tiny, ‘challenging’ spaces coupled with enormous rents are to be expected. The most eccentric of landlords…directly above you…with an itchy speed-dial finger? – perhaps not as common. Told almost entirely through voice mail messages, “One Year Lease” documents the travails of Brian, Thomas and Casper as they endure a year-long sentence with Rita the cat-loving landlady. Sometimes the calls not coming from INside the house, BUT from the apartment upstairs, can be just as scary…or, well, just downright bizarre.”

(via Brian Bolster)

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