Little Kids Busting Out Surprise Curse Words Is Never Not Funny (17 Tweets)

You better believe it when I tell you that kids will repeat EVERYTHING at the WORST times. Sometimes that’s fun — I love teaching tiny tots ridiculous words or historical facts for them to parrot wildly.

Sometimes, however, it’s a bit mortifying, which is exactly what ClementsAustinJ shared when his 2-year-old yelled a curse when seeing a snake. Twitter users chimed in with tales of their own! We rounded up the best of the best. Enjoy!

1. Are you???


2. Correct!


3. Yikes


4. Saucy!

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5. What even?

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6. He’s not wrong

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7. Love this grandma

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8. Helpful chap

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9. Correction!

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10. Too tight!

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11. She’s out

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12. Just like mom

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13. ONE

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14. Well, you are

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15. Hope not


16. Tighty Whities

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17. Geography lesson

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