Man Accidentally Releases 250 Live Crickets In His House And The Story Will Make You Itchy

Adopting a pet is a lot of work. All pets have specific instructions and rules in order to keep them healthy and happy—especially when you have a lizard. When I was younger, my older sister adopted a lizard and my dad would have to go to the pet store and buy live crickets to feed her every week. Well, one day, my 13-year-old sister accidentally left the top of the cage open and, before you knew it, the lizard went back to the pet store because my mother found crickets on her toothbrush. While that sounds pretty bad, it’s not as bad as the experience Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham recently had.


Ingraham and his family adopted a young bearded dragon lizard and, to prepare for feedings, he decided to order the live crickets in bulk. The crickets were shipped via FedEx and when they arrived, Ingraham decided to open them right away to check them out—thinking they were shipped in a container.

But, alas! They were not. Ingraham opened the box and unleashed live crickets all over the house.

His wife, however, had already found out about them.

And, when he went to go investigate, things were pretty out of hand.

He soon realized his mistake.

And, while he tried his best, it didn’t truly work out for the best.

People online were actually in tears.

Here’s to hoping Ingraham gets all those crickets.