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People Share The Embarrassing Stuff They Did While In Love With Total Losers (21 Tweets)

On Sunday night, an absolutely bananas story dropped on and it has blown up the Internet. It revolves around a former journalist named Christie Smythe who claims she fell in love with infamous pharmaceutical fraudster Martin Shkreli while using him as a source for her writing. Shkreli first came to public attention when he jacked up a necessary HIV medication by 5,000 percent. He is now in jail. 

In her interview with Elle, Smythe reveals that she left her husband, quit her job, and froze her eggs all for Shkreli. And at the end of the whole thing, it seems as though Shkreli has broken up with her and she is doing this interview and revealing her humiliation to either get his attention or make some money off her own story. It’s a train wreck.

It is also unsettlingly familiar. While Smythe’s situation is very, very extreme, many people knew what it was like to go above and beyond for someone objectively awful. Twitter user @literElly took the zeitgeist and asked their followers, “In light of the shkreli story, what is the most ridiculous or embarrassing thing you ever did to be with a partner who wasn’t worth it or didn’t deserve you?

The replies are tragic and funny at the same time. When you’re in love with someone terrible you can’t see the forest from the trees. When you finally fall out of love, you can see you weren’t in a  forest, you were in a garbage dump. Read these and try to hang on to this perspective the next time your personal Shkreli comes around: