People Are Shaming The Most Infuriating And Unnecessary Packaging Fails They’ve Seen (33 Pics)

How does it feel doing your part? Recycling every day. Keeping your neighborhood clean. Not being wasteful.

But then you see companies with these packaging fails by the thousands.

They don’t care. At all. Does anything you do even matter? Are you even making a difference? Yes, silly.

1. If Only Nature Would Find A Way To Cover These Oranges So We Didn’t Need To Waste So Much Plastic On Them


2. Individually Packaged Coke Cans

Bri An

3. If Only Bananas Had Robust, Natural, Bio-Degradable Packaging Of Their Own. Some Sort Of Peelable Skin, Perhaps


4. The Amount Of Packaging For This One Single Pill


5. 7ft Of Air Packaging To Protect The Socks


6. This Is Just Plain Ridiculous


7. Amazon, I Don’t Think The Box Was Big Enough


8. I Ordered 5lbs Of Sugar-Free Jelly Belly’s Online… They Arrived Individually Wrapped! Why?


9. New Laptop Came With Anti-Virus Program. I Only Needed The Security Key Code Underneath A Sticker On The Bar Code. A Huge Waste Of Plastic


10. Single Wrapped Potatoes