17 People Having A Drastically Worse Day Than You

You might be having a bad day. You might have woken up late, or sat in gum on the bus, or forgotten your phone, or any number of small annoyances. But whenever things seem bad, just remember—at least you’re not these people. It could be so, so much worse.

1. At least you’re not the person who’s the reason for this sign.

2. And at least your boyfriend didn’t say THE most embarrassing thing to the worst possible person, right in front of you.

3. At least you didn’t have that one little white lie on your resume come back to bite you on the…hands.

4. At least your dog didn’t pick a particularly expensive chew toy.

Pricey chew toy from Wellthatsucks



7. At least you’re not this person who just dropped about $200 worth of movie snacks.

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9. Look at it this way, at least when you dropped your phone, it wasn’t while running from the cops.

Well that sucks… from Wellthatsucks

10. And you didn’t have a mouthful of something totally unexpected.

11. At least you didn’t create the most awkward moment of the night.


12. And at least you didn’t suddenly turn your French toast into Chinese food.

Guess who thought the soy sauce was syrup this morning :/ from Wellthatsucks

13. You weren’t responsible for getting your fake ID confiscated in what has to be the mistake of the century.

14. Hey, you’re not this squirrel, right?

I think a squirrel fell off my roof.. from funny

15. And you didn’t waste 10 buckaroos on a guy who didn’t even have the decency to match with you on Tinder. Sheesh.

16. You weren’t the unfortunate star of a moment of silence.

17. And finally, at least you’re not this guy who did technically get what he wanted.

At least he got what he asked from Wellthatsucks


h/t: BuzzFeed