12 People You Definitely Don’t Want To Mess With

Badasses come in all forms—maybe the massive tattooed dude you see lifting weights at the gym, maybe an 8-year old at the playground, maybe your own sweet old grandmother. And whenever a badass is exposed, one thing is for certain—you do not want to get onto that person’s bad side, because they are not kidding around brutal.

1. Like these two madmen who seem to be in some sort of plank Olympics.

2. Or this woman who sent a Google survey to people who ghosted her.

3. Or elementary school teacher Barbara here.


4. And this delivery driver.

5. And JUDI! Dang, woman!

6. This woman who knows when you gotta go, you gotta go.



8. The owner of this restaurant.

9. This classy dude on Tinder.


10. The woman who has her priorities straight.

11. The ONE and ONLY Maureen Johnson.



h/t: BuzzFeed