14 People Who Deserve To Be In The Petty Hall Of Fame

Whether or not we choose to admit it, I think we all have a little pettiness inside of us. Sure, some people may revel in the petty aspects of life more than others, but who doesn’t enjoy witnessing some downright petty arguments from the sidelines with a bowl of popcorn in-hand?

For all of you out there who get off to the pettier things online, please enjoy this collection of the world’s pettiest people doing what they do best.

1. This exchanging her Netflix password:

2. This person who purposefully destroyed some tea:

3. These passive-aggressive neighbors:

4. This snarky child:

5. This insanely petty roommate:

6. This fragile date:

7. This mom who cut all her ex-best friends out of her life, literally:

8. This person who told off a bad parker:

9. This gut-wrenching text from an ex:

10. This girlfriend who wasn’t too subtle:

11. These villagers who had the pettiest celebration:

12. This sneaky AF coffee shop customer:

13. This ex who corrected some bad grammar:

14. And this disgusting, but brilliant host: