21 Posts That Start Out Innocent And Then, Whoa, *Record Scratch*

Everyone loves a plot twist, right? All of the best movies are the ones with a plot twist, like: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and who could forget the wild ending to [REDACTED]! 

That’s right, saying a movie has a plot twist at the end is a spoiler. This is a hill I will die on. 

Nevertheless, here is a completely random collection of posts that may or may not have a funny plot twist in them. 

1. Finally got this. 

2. How did he know?!

3. Welcome to the exit row, little man. 

4. Sign me up. 

5. I don’t see the problem. 

6. I have many more questions. 

7. What is the backstory to this photo?

8. This sounds terrifying. 

9. An easy way to get a confession. 

10. She had us in the first half. 

11. Any takers? 

12. Wait a second…

13. We all are. 

14. I hope congress doesn’t up security.

15. You seem like a reasonable man. 

16. No one expected anything! 

17. Something is wrong here.

18. Not so cute now. 

19. He shoots paper towels.