These “Life Hacks” Are Bad But We Can’t Stop You From Trying (30 Posts)

There are life hacks and then there are life hacks, which is to say that Quality May Vary. It’s a tough truth that in the end each of us is alone in this game called life and while people try to give us advice, that advice is usually poorly reasoned, not applicable, or simply terrible. 

People mean well, but most of them don’t have their own lives remotely figured out and can’t do much to advise you on how to fix yours. However, though most of us suck at it, people love giving advice. It makes them feel smart and important even if it will lead you to ruin if you listen to it. There is another category, as well, of advice that’s so insane and rule-breaking that it may actually be effective. So take this advice with a boulder of salt.

Some of these life hacks are genuinely terrible while some of them… may just be crazy enough to work.


life hacks, bad life hacks


life hacks, bad life hacks




life hacks, bad life hacks





life hacks, bad life hacks