19 Tweets Y’all Will Probably Only Find Funny If You Grew Up In The South

Anyone who grew up in the South knows that the region has its own unique personality.

For instance, the word y’all is a required pronoun, the only way to pronounce caramel is ‘KARR-muhl’, and manners are a must. Not to mention, our summers are hotter than hell itself and we’re a little sensitive when the temperature drops below 70.

If you’re even the least bit familiar with Southern culture, then any and all of these tweets will crack you right up, sweetheart.

1. Throwing some polite shade:


3. Autocorrect adding y’all to its vocabulary:

4. Every woman is ma’am no matter what age:

5. Always teaching good manners to other people:

6. Gambling with this mystery:

7. Pronouncing words the Southern way:


9. The Sunday church crowds are no joke:

10. And no one knows how to drive in the snow: