People Are Revealing Their Unpopular Opinions About TV Characters And You’ll Want To Fight Them

Everybody knows that Ross Gellar is the worst Friends character and that Parks and Rec‘s Ron Swanson rules! Right? Right??

Guess not. Turns out that there are some people out there with drastically different opinions about TV show characters than most of us. BuzzFeed asked people to share their most unpopular opinions about characters on TV and how dare they slander Lorelai Gilmore!?

1. Gilmore Girls‘ Lorelai Gilmore wasn’t a wonderful mother.

“She was emotionally immature and was often very selfish. She had dysfunctional ways of coping and engaging in relationships, and the extent to which she treated Rory as a best friend instead of a daughter was not healthy.”


2. Glee‘s Mr. Schuester was actually a terrible teacher.


“In the pilot, he literally blackmailed Finn by saying he found drugs in his locker knowing that it could ruin his life. He was always portrayed as a good guy and he was not. TBH, he was kind of an asshole. I never liked him.”


3. Derek from Grey’s Anatomy was bad and Meredith is better off without him.

“I don’t miss Derek and I’m glad that he’s gone. He was so selfish and egotistical. Meredith had to constantly give up more and more for him. Their relationship was so lopsided and she deserved more. She really found herself again after his death and she’s so much better off.”


4. People shouldn’t stand Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen.

“I do not understand why so many people worship Daenerys. She is an entitled brat that only cares about her own interests, often at the expense of others. She isn’t even a good leader and her belief that the throne is owed to her is precisely why she shouldn’t sit on it. Give me the Starks any day of the week instead of Daenerys.”


5. Ross was the best character on Friends.

“I don’t understand why everyone hated Ross! He was actually the funniest character and a lot of the best episodes of Friends were the ones that centered on him.”


6. Logan and Rory were perfect together on Gilmore Girls.

“He never asked her to be anything other than herself. He loved her despite her flaws and her identity crisis when she left Yale. Jess pushed her to be more and Dean was cheater who didn’t want her to grow up. I’m Team Logan.”


7. Ron Swanson was the worst character on Parks and Recreation.


“Ron pissed me off so much. If you don’t like your job or government so much then why don’t you just quit? I was always so tired of his complaining.”


8. Joey and Rachel were the two Friends who belonged together.

“Ross was super annoying whenever he was with Rachel. Joey sincerely loved Rachel for who she was. Ross was just in love with the idea of who he had a crush on when he was younger.”


9. Lori and Andrea were two of the best characters on The Walking Dead.

“I actually liked Lori and Andrea. Yes, Lori slept with Shane, but that’s just because she thought Rick was dead and was trying to move on. Meanwhile, Andrea did help The Governor with some horrible stuff, but she genuinely had feelings for him and was just following the person she loved. I mean can you really blame both Lori and Andrea for fallingin love with someone?”


10. Scandal‘s Olivia Pope was not good at her job.

“Everything always went sideways, her staff did whatever the heck they wanted, and she couldn’t keep her mind on what she was doing for more than five minutes. She was the worst fixer ever.”


11. Riverdale‘s Jughead Jones is not as great as everyone thinks he is and Betty could honestly do better.

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“Jughead is super self absorbed and only worries about his problems. He only cares about Betty’s problems when it’s convenient for him. Jughead has no regard for the safety of any of his friends or Betty.”


12. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy didn’t deserve Preston Burke.

“I always thought that Burke was too good for Cristina. She used his power as a surgeon to further her own career and made their relationship secondary. He was always working hard to make their relationship work, but she could never meet him halfway. I’m glad he left her at the altar.”


13. Monica and Richard on Friends were a better couple than Monica and Chandler.


“I thought that Monica and Richard’s relationship was actually really cute and not creepy at all. Monica and Chandler ending up together felt forced.”


14. Lucas from One Tree Hill was vastly overrated.

“Every other character on OTH developed and moved past most of their childhood mistakes, but Lucas just kept repeating his. He was a habitual cheater, and his indecision with women hurt the other women in Tree Hill repeatedly. I’ll never understand what Brooke, Peyton, and Lindsay saw in him.”


15. Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw was a bad, selfish friend.


“She was a terrible friend and was incredibly selfish. Carrie acted as if the world revolved around her. If one thing didn’t go her way, she would throw a fit. I was able to overlook her being a shitty friend, but the way she treated Aidan was the last straw. She was the worst.”


16. Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries was a bigger hero than either Stefan or Damon.

“Tyler had such an amazing character arc on the show. He started off as an annoying jock and eventually became such an important character. He went through so much shit, but never received the respect he deserved. The worst part was that he was always a side character, when in reality, he was a bigger hero than both Stefan and Damon.”


17. Sam Winchester is a better brother than Dean on Supernatural.

“I have always thought that Sam was better than Dean. They’re both great, but Sam is much more underrated. Sam has grown so much over the years andhas really come into his own. Dean is great, but Sam is the real asset to the Winchester team.”


18. Younger‘s Liza Miller is a bad person.

“Her aspirational selfishness makes every one of her work ‘friends’ vulnerable to professional devastation, just so she can keep her job. She’s not a heroine at all.”


19. Jason “Digger” Stiles from Gilmore Girls was perfect for Lorelai.

“Digger was the best match for Lorelai. He completely understood her complex feelings and relationship with her parents. He was even willing to hide their relationship (at her request) until she felt comfortable and ready to tell them. They both understood each other.”


20. George O’Malley was Grey’s Anatomy‘s worst character.

“He was such a whiny character throughout the entire show. He was also a huge jerk to Meredith, Callie, and Izzie. None of them deserved him.”


21. Boy Meets World‘s Cory was obnoxious and not good enough for Topanga.

“He was a whiny, entitled, manipulative, judgmental kid. He really didn’t deserve Topanga and she should’ve never given up Yale for him. He was close-minded and demanded that everyone loved him even when he really messed up stuff.”


22. Ted Mosby was How I Met Your Mother‘s best character.

“Ted made some stupid decisions throughout the show, but I think we all make stupid choices in the name of love. He was cute, romantic, and always cared about his friends. I really don’t understand why people hated him so much. He deserved to be happy.”


23. Randall Pearson on This Is Us is annoyingly self-centered.

“I don’t like Randall. I think he often plays the victim and never takes responsibility for his own actions. Especially in Season 3, he always puts his own needs above the needs of his kids and Beth.”


24. The Office‘s worst character was Jim Halpert.


“He was rude and thought he was so much better than all of his coworkers. He treated Karen awful and when he thought his life was boring, he basically abandoned Pam. I hated him.”


25. Negan from The Walking Dead is just as bad as Rick Grimes.

“He’s smart as hell and only killed people because it was essential for his survival.When Rick’s group killed his people, he had every right to kill Glenn and Abraham in retaliation. Negan and Rick aren’t all that different. They both did whatever it took to make sure their group survived.”


h/t: BuzzFeed

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