Viral Twitter Thread Shows Hilarious Parking Spot Stand-Off That Lasted An Eternity

Fighting over parking spots is nothing new to anyone who owns a car. Even if parking isn’t a problem where you live, at some time or another, you’ve found yourself searching desperately for a spot, thinking that you’ll never find one and will probably have to just live in your car forever.

And sometimes, when you find an open spot, someone else tries to snake it from you. Which is exactly what happened to the driver of the black car in this hilarious, viral Twitter thread about parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

It appears that the driver of the black car saw a spot, and drove forward a bit in order to reverse into it. But at the same time, a silver car came along and tried to snag the spot by driving forward into it. There’s a Seinfeld episode where this happens, and everyone knows, the car that’s backing into the spot has the right to the spot. End of story.

But apparently the silver car driver wasn’t going to give up. And luckily for us, someone was watching the whole interaction.

That someone has a Twitter account with the handle @Mrhflrs, and uses the name Chicken Tikka Mariah. And she had the patience to watch and record the parking spot stand-off for just as long as the drivers were able to keep it up—which was a surprisingly long time.

How funny are the cards? And the fact that she created that email address? Brilliant!

At least one person thought the whole thing could be an elaborate April Fools’ Day hoax, but that seems unlikely. Still, itbears mentioning.

So what do you think? Who was in the right? The black car, correct? Exactly.

h/t: Twitter: @Mrhflrs