This Couple Got A Handmade Quilt As A Wedding Gift And The Design Is Questionable

Wedding gifts can be tough. You pretty much have two options. You can either buy something from the bride and groom’s registry that will most likely cost you an arm and a leg or you can give them something a little less generic by making it yourself with a bit of meaning behind it. I’m betting the couple in the photo below is wishing the person who gave them this handmade quilt had just gone with an overpriced serving knife from their registry instead of this wedding gift fail.

Take a look for yourself and see if you noticed anything off about it.

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Nothing says “best wishes as you embark on the rest of your lives together” like an accidental swastika, amirite?! Talk about a total wedding gift fail. How did the person who made this quilt nazi the giant mistake they were making? Ouch. That pun hurt my head. I’m sorry if it did the same thing to yours.

(via: Drawtaru)

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