Women Who Got The Last Laugh After Being Wronged (20 Posts)

Dating is really tough. The people out there can be kind of terrible and after a while, it feels like you’re sifting through absolute dirt for maybe a glimpse at a rock that’s a little shinier than the others.

The Female Dating Strategy subreddit shares stories about women totally crushing people for being jerks, usually in the dating world. If watching someone get totally owned is your jam, these posts are for you!

1. What a dick of a guy!


2. Divorce


3. Make them explain


4. No pic?


5. Do your skin care


6. He asked hopefully


7. Yikes, this stat


8. Aww, grandma!


9. BOOM!


10. What a horrible post that deserved that roasting.


11. Gee, I wonder

12. Probably not?

13. Peace to that sucker

14. I love this woman

15. 100%

16. Avoid the young, yes, good plan!

17. I … no.

18. Do your own work

19. Run

20. Quill pen