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25 Of The Best Jokes About Netflix’s “You” Season 2—So Far

Around this time last year, Season One of You took the Internet by storm as people discovered and binged it on Netflix. Now that the followup season is here, so are the You Season 2 jokes on Twitter.

The premise of the show is that a man named Joe, played by certified hottie Penn Badgley, is a serial killer and a stalker obsessed with a woman named Guinevere Beck. The show was criticized in some quarters for how it made Joe into something of a hero, though others felt the criticism should really be turned on the audience for thinking Joe was sexy.

Even Badgley commented on it on Twitter, astounded that so many women wanted him to “kidnap” them. However you see it, this show is definitely addictive, and people were psyched that You Season Two was slated for release this week.

Of course, Twitter is awash with takes and jokes about what it’s like to binge ten hours of media about a hot murderer. Most folks seemed to feel foolish for thinking Joe might change. Many people hoped they wouldn’t be quite so horny for him this round. And the rest are just not sure what to do with themselves until next year.

Guess we all get a little obsessed sometimes. Here are 25 of the best You Season 2 jokes…so far:


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