Influencer Couple Asks Pro Musician To Write Them An Original Wedding Song For No Money, Only “Reach”

As annoying as they are, influencers aren’t going anywhere. It’s how units are moved these days. You want to sell some stuff? You’re likely going to have to work with an influencer of some sort.

Being an influencer isn’t inherently bad, there’s just a lot of stigma that comes with it. They’re known for being greedy, annoying, and wildly out of touch with reality. The big one we see all the time? Asking artists to make them their art for “exposure,” which is almost always worse than cash.

Well, singer/songwriter Jamie Mathias knows all about that. He gets hit up by influencers trying to get free music all the time. However, one of these influencers was so ridiculous he has to post the interaction to his social.

Jamie has been making music for years and already has a solid following.

He’s also known for doing a great job at weddings.

So he obviously gets a lot of requests for wedding, even delusional ones from influencers.

People can be cruel, so respect for not revealing their names.

Jamie was quoted, “Reason I won’t give them out is because regardless of how shitty he was, people on social media are relentless & blood thirsty! I wouldn’t wanna be responsible for it leading to constant bullying & the worst happening,”

The interaction…

The absolute nerve to tell someone this.

Even though we don’t know who these influencers are, it doesn’t matter. They’re out there in droves. The make crazy asks of people, because a lot of times people say yes. Please do not encourage them. It only emboldens. 

People in the comments agree. Influencers should be shut down at every pass.

What do you think about influencers? Do you at least agree that they shouldn’t be asking for free stuff constantly? Or is that just part of the gig? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.