Influencer Says She’s An Essential Worker As Excuse For Traveling To Dubai And Gets Torched

An influencer named Sheridan Mordew from the U.K. hopped over to Dubai for a little getaway and now she’s catching heat for her excuse.

Now, lots of people are traveling for absolutely no reason during a pandemic, which is why COVID-19 is raging across the planet and the U.K. has its own very special strain of coronavirus that is way, way more contagious. 

Most of those people are ignored, but Mordew decided to do an interview about her decision on popular show This Morning, and she didn’t look good afterward. She pretty much said she did it for her followers. To keep them happy.

In an interview from her home in Sunderland, Sheridan Mordew told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she went to the UAE for business reasons.

“I came to Dubai purely for business. I am a personal trainer, the gyms are closed and everything was in Tiers so I took my online business over to Dubai.”

Schofield does ask why she can’t post stuff from her home gym, saying, “You don’t have to be in Dubai, but the glamour stuff you post elsewhere is you sitting in a bikini on a sun lounger enjoying the sunshine.”

Mordew has a few answers, saying that the decision was for both her mental health and her followers, who she seems to think are happy just to see her being happy.

“The main reason was for my own self, mental health kind of thing,” she said. “During the second lockdown I was struggling to motivate myself. My clients depend on me to bring them motivation and happiness. My mental health was suffering, I thought I am not going to be able to start anything new sitting in the house.”

Mordew then says the only was she could imagine escaping was through “essential travel.”

Aligning the job of being an influencer with “essential workers” has mainly influenced people to hate her:

The influencer has gone private on Instagram, except for her 11k followers, and she still has a pin in Dubai as her location in the bio. They must like her more there.