40 Brilliantly Clever Advertising Designs That Know How To Catch The Eye

Ever find yourself flipping through a magazine, scrolling through a feed, or just walking down the street when suddenly an ad makes you do a double-take? Not just any ad, but a clever and honest  ad that grabs your attention, tickles your brain, and maybe even makes you chuckle. That’s the power of brilliantly clever advertising—it knows exactly how to catch your eye and stick in your memory.

In a world bombarded with endless marketing messages, it takes a special kind of creativity to stand out. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of ads from the r/adporn subreddit that are nothing short of genius. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill promotions; they’re clever ad masterpieces that blend wit, creativity, and a dash of audacity to make an impression.

From visual puns that make you look twice to messages that play with words in the most delightful ways, each of these ads is a testament to the magic that happens when marketers think outside the billboard. So, get ready to be inspired, amused, and awed as we dive into the world of ads that are not just seen but remembered.

1. “Protect Wildlife, Before It’s Too Late” WWF Deutschland Campaign

2. One Click Can Change Your Future

3. No Easy Way Out – Women’s Helpline

4. Littering Says A Lot About You – Live Green Toronto

5. Travel Faster With A Good Book – National Library Of Singapore

6. Thai Restaurant In A Small Town In Ireland

7. IKEA Early Christmas Sale Ad (2014)

8. J&b Scotch Whiskey (1990)

9. Colgate Floss, 2011

10. A Local Lawyer

11. McDonald’s – Loved By All

12. World Vision – He Sees What Can’t Be Shown

13. Nike Ad By Wieden+ Kennedy Featuring Young Serena Williams

14. TG4: Irish TV Ad For Women’s Gaelic Football Season

15. Volkswagen Polo Ad (2005)

16. Mississippi Department Of Transportation Ad Against Distracted Driving

17. Maxell (1990)

18. Breast Cancer Now – Beat It

19. 1968 Magazine Ad

20. After Six 1972

21. IKEA Ad For Upcoming Store Opening In Oxford Street, London

22. This Canon Camera Ad On A Suzuki Jimny

23. Nike – Your Only Limit Is You

24. Jim Beam (1990)

25. Lupin On Netflix (Or A Fake Jewelry Campaign)

26. From The Coldest Waters Of Norway – Ocean Blue

27. Pink Flamingoes (1987)

28. Rebel Sport – We’re Up For It

29. 3D Billboard For An Post. Dublin, Ireland (2023)

30. Mcdonalds Heatwave Ad (UK)

31. Sony (1990)

32. Panasonic (1990)

33. Icee (1976)

34. British Airways

35. Crown Royal (1990)

36. Trains – Now On Uber

37. Technics (1987)


39. Movie Poster For “Civil War” (2024)

40. Philips Television (1951) By Cassandre

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