30 People Share Hotel Hacks That Might Actually Make Traveling Bearable Again

When they’re good, hotels can be the perfect place to relax during a hectic or stressful trip. When they’re bad they can be a literal nightmare. But even the best hotels have small annoyances that can get under your skin. (And we’re not talking about bed bugs.) Things like a lack of outlets or window curtains that never completely close can be irritating…unless you have a trick or two up your sleeve and when Twitter user Rick Klau recently shared a travel trick, hundreds of others chimed in with handy hotel hacks of their own.

So to prepare you for the petty annoyances you’re likely to encounter when traveling here are some of the smartest hotel hacks people have discovered.

1. The Curtain Closer

2. The Big Chill

3. The Power Splitter

4. “About 2 minutes after realizing there was no bottle opener in my hotel room I discovered this gem and it works like a charm.”

5. The Signal Booster

6. The Freebie

7. The Hamper

 8. The Germ Barrier


9. The Upgrade

10. The Thermohacker

11. The Toothbrush Tower

12. The Power Move

13. The Power User

14. The Good Samaritan 

15. The Techie