30 Quarantine Life Hacks That Range From “Genius” To “Highly Questionable”

It’s been roughly two weeks now of widespread quarantines due to the coronavirus crisis and everyone is processing the sudden change in their lifestyles differently. Needless to say, some people are handling it better than others. 

But what do you do once you’ve settled into your new normal of rising late, putting on stained sweatpants, and streaming Netflix for the next 12 hours to avoid letting your looming sense of existential dread creep in?  As with all of life’s difficulties, the answer isn’t working on your self to become a stronger, calmer, more centered person: The answer is quarantine life hacks.

As they slowly lose their minds due to social distancing, boredom, and isolation people have been getting creative.

Here are 30 quarantine life hacks that range from “genius” to “highly questionable.”








8. “Redneck Bidet”


10. “I found it easier to build a stand-in for video conferencing than to make myself presentable every day”