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Tech Support Workers Share The “Goriest” Cases They’ve Ever Seen (35 Pics)

11. “It didn’t plug in, so I bent the pins to make it fit.”

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12. “My friend drilled holes in his mouse to make it lighter so it would give him an ‘advantage.'”

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13. “He’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit”

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14. “I should tell them it’s not a touch screen…”

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15. “But I like it this way, it’s convenient.” -my tech savvy aunt

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16. “My space heater stopped working”

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17. “My fan was making too much noise!”

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18. “My grandpa thought his headphone jack was a screw hole.”

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19. “Someone unplugged something and now the office internet doesn’t work…”

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20. “WiFi in the warranty department isn’t working”

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