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Artist Turns “Tom And Jerry” Scenes Into Real-Life Sculptures (31 Pics)

Anyone who grew up with old Warner Bros. cartoons is familiar with the trope of two animals in constant conflict, trying to destroy one another, and only getting flattened by mallets and falling into pits for their troubles.

No matter what disasters seem to befall Coyote or Daffy Duck, they always bounce back, so it’s okay to laugh at their antics.

But Japanese artist Taku Inoue isn’t quite ready to move on from whatever horrendous accident he just saw animated on the TV.

Inoue focuses his work on the program Tom and Jerry, which is about two natural enemies: a mouse and a cat. Inoue selects frames of the two protagonists in awkward and bizarre moments where their plans have gone awry and turns them into perfect sculptures.

tom and jerry sculptures, tom and jerry statues

Tom and Jerry are shown with buckets stuck on their heads, turned into accordions, or shaped like the giant block of cheese they just gulped. The results are incredibly surreal, making the viewer consider how much they’ve taken for granted about this cartoon universe. Scroll through and never look at a classic cartoon the same way again.






tom and jerry sculptures, tom and jerry statues