AI Generated Image Of The Pope In A Fly Puffer Coat Manages To Trick Most Of The Internet

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a surge in the production of AI-generated art and deepfake technology, which has had a profound impact on society. From celebrity deepfakes to computer-generated paintings, these advancements in technology have raised questions about the boundaries of creativity, authenticity, and the consequences of the digital manipulation of media.

Last Friday, March 24th 2023, the year of our lord, a picture of the Pope was posted to the subreddit r/Midjourney. The picture was of The Pope in a white puff coat looking fly as hell.

pope Francis drip - original ai pic

Once this image hit the internet, it took zero time for everyone to run with it. Once it hit Twitter, it was viral.



pope Francis drip - that's a solid look tweet

pope Francis drip - pastor of justin bieber's church

pope Francis drip - so fresh, so clean pope

pope Francis drip - pope about to drop 40 pope Francis drip - Brooklyn boys jealous of the pope

pope Francis drip - not the same musty robe tweet

And, yeah, it had a lot of us fooled.

But even once it was announced as a fake, people still had their fun.

What do you think about all these ai pictures and deepfakes? Is this the end of society? I mean, it certainly is going to get harder and harder to know what’s real and what’s fake. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.