“Beetlejuicing” Meme Is When A Person’s Username Perfectly Fits The Situation And Here Are The Funniest Examples (35 Pics)

There’s a subreddit called “Beetlejuicing” and it has nothing to do with the classic film we all know and love.

So, what does Beetlejuicing mean?

Well, according to the subreddit itself, “Beetlejuicing is when one user posts a comment or thread on Reddit, and another user with a username relevant to that parent comment or thread responds.” However, users can submit memes from more platforms than just Reddit.

Here are 35 of the best examples of Beetlejuicing that people saw online.

1. “Tears Of Joy”

2. “Me Too”

3. “Beep Beep!”

4. “I’m So Happy For Them”

5. “Someone Should Probably Get Them Off Of The Floor”

6. “True Beetlejuicing”

7. “This Was His First Comment In Over A Year”

8. ” Balloon Cop”

9. “In A Thread About Ridiculous Rules From Your Childhood”

10. “Busted”

11. “Just Your Own Personal Friendly Neighbourhood FBI Agent”

12. “Obama’s Tie”

13. “Found On Twitter”

14. “Well Well Well”

15. “Kobe Can’t Relate”

16. “Mortal Womat”

17. “Jack Grey”

18. “Found This Gem A While Ago”

19. “I’m Sorry”

20. “Found In An R/Askreddit Post About Go-To Never-Fail Jokes – 6 Yr Old Account”

21. “Found Over On R/Funny”

22. “I Would Trust Them”

23. “Became A Superhero 3 Years Ago”

24. “Twitter BeetlejuicingTwitter Beetlejuicing”

25. “Spider With Some Self Confidence”

26. “I’ve Seen Everyone Screenshotting Matthew, Where Is Not-Matthew Love?”

27. “Flip On The Tele”

28. “Do I Get A Free Tesla?”

29. “The Banana Has Spoken”

30. 🙁

31. “Horngus”

32. “The Governator”

33. “Emo Emu”

34. “Spelling Genius”

35. “The Original”

Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.