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‘Barbie’ Memes Are Taking Over, Here Are 20 Of The Best “She’s Everything He’s Just Ken” Memes

The new Barbie movie dropped a trailer yesterday and a bunch of posters noting who is playing who — and one poster that sparked a whole ton of tweets and memes as people joked about the “She’s everything. He’s just Ken” tagline.

Check out the original poster:

Barbie / Warner Bros

Now let’s dive into the best jokes people made using the “She’s everything. He’s just Ken” tag.

1. This iconic duo

mermelias / Twitter

2. And this one gracing your TVs

pickdempeo2 / Twitter

3. Hunger Games

@finaIghost / Twitter

4. Never seen a more perfect example. TOM.

romanroycunt / Twitter

5. Royalty

bellamisandria / Twitter

6. Poor dude shows up twice here


7. See? told ya.

alessandra_kr / Twitter

8. Perfection!

nocontxtSC / Twitter

9. He knows it

@Danielasalbe / Twitter

10. Deep cut

notgwendalupe / Twitter

11. Stranger Things

12. Check her out

13. Yellowjackets

14. More Yellowjackets

15. Poor guy

16. This pic just sells it

17. He knows it too

18. Gossip Girl

19.  But for that ending.