21 Tweet Videos We Couldn’t Stop Watching In 2018

You ever see something you just couldn’t take your eyes off? A mesmerizing piece of footage that undoubtedly belongs on the Voyager Golden Record, so that it is forever memorialized and also so that maybe aliens can get a chance to see some of humanity’s finest (funniest) work and maybe decide that we’re not so bad and we don’t deserve to all get wiped out like Independence Day?

That’s what the following 2018 tweet videos are. We’ve lovingly compiled them for you, (and for the aliens, if y’all reading this), for we believe them to truly be some of man’s greatest achievements.

1. This adorable word flub:

2. This cinematic screech:

3. This poultry run:

4. This classic disguise:

5. This work of art:

6. This musical ingenuity:

7. This icy catastrophe:

8. This liquid mishap:

9. This painful strut:


10. This dead ringer: