Friday The 13th Just Hits Different During A Pandemic (22 Memes)

It has been a week.

Thanks to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the globe and resulting in unprecedented interruptions to millions of people’s daily lives, people may be more relieved to see this weekend than any weekend in recent memory. But because nothing is easy this week just happens to be ending on that famously unlucky combination of Friday and the number 13.

But as the old superstition goes, the best way to ward off evil on Friday the 13th is with a liberal application of Friday the 13th memes. Simply apply to the unlucky area and wait for lulz. Many of these memes glom onto the Friday the 13th movies and their starring murderer Jason Voorhees as their dark inspiration while others simply focus on the global catastrophe currently unfolding, which is scary enough. Anyhow…

Happy Friday the 13th!












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