Happy International Men’s Day To These Guys Specifically (8 Memes)

International Men’s Day Basics: via Reddit

International Men’s Day is November 19th, and the day even has its own website even though everything you need to know about it is in the name. According to the organizers, the goal is to focus on “the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities.” The theme this year is “Making a difference for men and boys.”

There are issues that relate specifically to men that deserve attention and focus. Mental health care, the high rate of suicide amongst men, and visibility for trans men are all topics that receive special focus on this day:

And all of that is good! 

The International Men’s Day Memes:

That said, the concept of an International Men’s Day feels a bit absurd to everyone else. Doesn’t it always feel like the day belongs to men? While there are very legit things to be said about how masculinity is a burden to men, it’s also a burden to everyone around them.

How do real men react to getting teased? They make memes. Men and their supporters made loads of memes about their excitement for International Men’s Day, their frustration about being ignored, and their plans to hang with da boys on their special day:

Happy International men’s day from r/dankmemes

Getting the feels from r/dankmemes

It’s international men’s day

Happy International MEN’S DAY EVERYONE. from r/memes

Happy international men’s day from r/memes

Fs in the chat boys from r/memes

A very happy International Men’s Day to the fellas who made these memes only.